Bill began his construction career in the late 1980s working as his father’s assistant on job sites. Here he built and refined his construction skills including painting, wallpaper, drywall repairs, and much more. As his reputation as an expert painter grew, he founded Arlington Building and Design, a construction firm dedicated to providing expert construction services to clients throughout South Florida’s Atlantic Coast. Bill founded Wallcraft Custom in 1993 as part of the Arlington family of companies. Wallcraft Custom is a leading painting and epoxy company specializing in custom homes and high-end commercial spaces. Under Bill’s leadership, the firm quickly grew into one of the most recognizable and trusted painting contractors in South Florida. Today, Wallcraft Custom has over 150 employees on staff and serves more than a dozen different building contractors in the area. Starting in 2005, Bill decided to get back into the building realm of the construction industry and began land development and home building outside of Asheville, North Carolina. To further serve the Southeast Florida market, Bill created Arlington Building Corporation, a truly multi-generational construction enterprise that is built on providing superior service and exceptional build quality. Bill and his family take pride in every construction project they undertake and are honored to help their clients realize their dream buildings.
Bill Salvato Sr.


Bill began his construction career in the late 1980s working as his father’s assistant on job sites.

Following in his eldest brother’s footsteps, Brett had also attended the University of Florida. In 2015 he started working for Bill on a full-time basis and took on many different roles and responsibilities in his company. He manages a wide assortment of projects and oversees more than 50 of Bill’s employees during his day-to-day operations and manages accounts and receivables. Brett has a passion for excellence and leverages his construction, financial and management knowledge to help Arlington deliver superior home and commercial construction projects.
Brett Salvato

Vice President

Brett graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Construction Management and now works in the field as a supervisor.

Having called South Florida his home for more than 40 years, Joey considers himself a native Floridian and remains personally invested in being a proud part of a building team that contributes greatly to Southeast Florida’s reputation as the ideal location to live, work and play.
Joey Conley

VP of Operations

Joey has 30 plus years in the construction industry working with some of the country’s premier home builders and general contractors.